BETH PHILLIPS, Physical Therapist - President

Beth Phillips is President of ALS Care Project.  She is a physical therapist who has specialized in the rehabilitation of people with neurologic disorders and stroke patients at Mercy Medical Center for 40 years.  In addition, Beth has educated numerous ALS patients and family caregivers at the Canton ALS Support Group since 1990 on enhancing mobility, comfort and safety, including transfer techniques, fall prevention and preventing complications of immobility.  Beth Phillips has truly demonstrated her passion for helping people with ALS achieve best patient outcomes.  As a specialist in stroke rehabilitation, Beth has served on the board of the American Heart Association for many years.

KATHALEEN O'BRIEN, Esq - Vice President

Kathaleen O’Brien, Vice President of ALS Care Project, is an attorney whose practice is in the heart of downtown Canton by the Stark County Courthouse.  She began serving ALS Care Project in 2018 because of her passion for the cause of ALS.  Kathaleen obtained a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Akron School of Law.  Since 2014, her private practice as a lawyer has focused on family and criminal defense.  Prior to pursuing law, Kathaleen obtained a BA degree in Psychology from Malone University, became a licensed social worker and worked at the Crisis Intervention Center for 19 years.  Kathaleen is a lifetime resident of Stark County.

JOHN L. PARKER, CPA, MT - Treasurer

John Parker is a CPA and Treasurer of ALS Care Project.  He has faithfully served the organization since 2004 due to his passion for the mission and standards of excellence in operations.  In private practice, John provides accounting and tax preparation services for numerous clients in the community.


Johanne is Secretary of ALS Care Project.  She has served as a faithful volunteer since 2005 due to her passion for the ALS care mission.  Johanne’s father had ALS.  She understands the vital need for accurate, necessary and understandable information for making best life choices on time for achieving best patient outcomes.


Patricia Leo Shaheen, Past President of ALS Care Project, knows first-hand about the multiple problems associated with ALS and the need for best practices of care.  Through the years, seven members of her immediate family were stricken with the familial form of ALS:  her mother, brother, sister, two aunts and two cousins.

Patricia lives in Canton with her husband and teenage son.  She graduated from Malone University in Canton, Ohio with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management.   Today she is an aesthetician and owns a business specializing in skin care.

Patricia is passionate about the cause of ALS and ALS Care Project.  She recognizes that most ALS families eventually turn to their local communities at some point in the progressive disease for management of care, including home care/hospice agencies and care facilities.  Patricia also holds on to the hope that someday ALS will be prevented and treated.


Debbie Haslar serves on the board of Directors of ALS Care Project because of her passion for ALS and the need for respiratory care education.  Debbie is Chair of the Respiratory Care Department at Stark State College in North Canton Ohio.  Her assistance in the Education Project for achieving best practices of respiratory care for people with ALS will be invaluable.

TIMOTHY PINGLE, PhD - Education Committee, Chairman

Dr. Timothy Pingle understands the challenges of someone living with ALS and their loved ones.  Time has slipped away since his step-mother turned to ALS Care Project for managing and coping with her ALS diagnosis.  Nevertheless, he recognizes that education on best practices of ALS care is essential for achieving best patient outcomes.  Past President of ALS Care Project, Dr. Pingle currently chairs the Education Committee as methods of education on evidenced based care for ALS are planned.  He received his Ph.D. in Education Administration from the University of South Carolina and an Accounting degree from the University of Akron. For years, he worked as a teacher, curriculum specialist and principal in the public schools in South Carolina. Education is his passion.  


Since his retirement from teaching and school administration, Dr. Pingle now resides in Canton and serves as a financial advisor for Western and Southern Financial Group helping individuals and business owners plan for retirement.   (614-551-9175,

SHERYL HOLT, PT, PhD - Research Chairman

Research Chairman, ALS Care Project
Assistant Professor, University of Mount Union


  • PhD, Rehabilitation Science University of Kentucky

  • Advanced Masters, Allied Health, Ohio State University

  • BS, Physical Therapy, Georgia State University

  • Assistant Professor, University of Mount Union

  • Past Director of the Spinal Muscular Atrophy/ALS Clinic at Ohio State University, Neuromuscular Disease Division 

Sheryl has 40 years of clinical experience as a physical therapist in the fields of adult and child neurology, including CVA, Parkinson’s Disease, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, neuromuscular disease, and developmental disability


She's previously served as a researcher and physical therapist at the MDA/ALS Clinic at Ohio State University as well as Akron Children’s Hospital, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Akron, Canton, and Columbus Public Schools.


Her Teaching expertise includes neurology, pediatrics, research, professional issues, disability studies, and family systems. Her research interests include rehabilitation outcomes of adults and children with disability; qualitative studies in disability perceptions, professional perspectives, and life experiences. Special interests in quality of life and participation issues in people living with ALS, including matters affecting families and caregivers.


Carol Stanley is a registered nurse with years of experience in providing excellent care.   Carol specializes in long-term care for people with disabilities and has a passion for people with ALS.  After she suddenly became a widow in 2005, she became a vital  member of the ALS Care Project.  Her core values as a nurse include standards of excellence, dedication to the cause, and ethical practice.

JOAN C. WARREN, MSW - Honorary Member

Social worker, Joan C. Warren, MSW, is a founding member of ALS Care Project and coined the name of the organization. She has faithfully served the ALS community since 1983 as a very caring social worker and counselor.  She has helped countless of ALS families in the local community cope with the emotional and physical aspects of the disease, while helping them to obtain health care benefits, including getting help at home....

REV. JAMES RUFFIN - Honorary Member

Rev. Ruffin is an Honorary Board Member of ALS Care Project. Through the years, he has provided encouragement and support to many ALS families. He also serves on the Ethics Committee of the ALS Care Project.

EYAD NASHAWATI, MD - Medical Advisor, ALS Care Project

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