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Pamela A. Cazzolli, RN
ALS Nurse Consultant and Director
  • Founded ALS Care Project in July, 2000, to continue clinical care research on use of noninvasive and invasive breathing support for ALS patients in the home setting and to pursue education (on evidence-based care and experience) for achieving best practices of ALS care in the community.  The project evolved from recognizing that best practices of respiratory care were either absent or minimal in the literature, resulting in the high prevalence of avoidable complications, emergency hospitalizations, and unwanted outcomes in people with ALS.    

  • Nurse investigator of ALS patients using noninvasive ventilation and invasive ventilation in the community-based settings in OH, WV, and western PA (1990-2020); and developed the validated Oral Section Scale, published in the Respiratory Care journal (2020);   

  • Served as the Epidemiology Nurse Coordinator (Ohio) in collaboration with the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (Lebanon, New Hampshire) and the Center for ALS and Related Disorders (Cleveland Clinic) in the studies of risk factors for ALS (2017-2022) and the Ohio ALS Registry Study (2017-2019);

  • Member of the American Association of Respiratory Care (since 2000); attending  many of the annual conferences until 2019;

  • Member of the American College of Chest Physicians (since 1999); attending most of the annual conferences until 2018; 

  • Serves on the Advisory Board of the Respiratory Care Department at Stark State College, North Canton, OH;

  • Attended the majority of the annual International Symposiums on ALS/MND since 1993; and through the years, provided numerous platform and poster presentations, including presentations at the annual Allied Professional Forums.

Early Roles in the ALS Care Mission

  • First Nurse Coordinator of the ALSA Center at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (1989-1995);

  • Co-organizer of the ALS Association Eastern Ohio Chapter (August 2, 1988), now the Northern Ohio Chapter;

  • Served as the ALS Nurse Consultant of the ALS Association Chapter in northeast Ohio (1988-2000); 

  • Began as Nurse Facilitator of the Canton ALS Support Group (March, 1984), the newly formed program of the former Visiting Nurse Society of Central Stark County, sponsored by the United Way; and met social worker, Joan C. Warren, MSW of the VNS, pioneer of the ALS support group in Canton (July 1983).    Beginning in 1984, Cazzolli and Warren facilitated the ALS support group in Canton OH, bi-monthly on Sundays for 24 consecutive years.  

  • Advisory Board Member of the Stark County Neuromuscular Association (1984-1986)

  • Education:  Mercy Hospital School of Nursing (Canton, OH), Kent State University, University of Akron;

Nurse Role Model:  Florence Nightingale

Vision of ALS Care Project

  • “For the prospective studies through the years to show reliable clinical evidence for establishing best practices of respiratory management of patients with ALS in the community.”

BETH PHILLIPS, Physical Therapist - President
  • President of ALS Care Project

  • Physical Therapist

  • Specialty:  ALS

  • Previously served adult patients with neurologic disorders at Mercy Hospital in Canton, Ohio (now Cleveland Clinic Mercy Medical Center) for more than 40 years;

  • Attended our ALS support group meetings in Canton for 24 consecutive years bi-monthly on Sundays and demonstrated transfer techniques, methods for enhancing mobility, and ways to make life easier and safer.

KATHALEEN O'BRIEN, Esq - Vice President

Kathaleen O’Brien, Vice President of ALS Care Project, is an attorney whose practice is in the heart of downtown Canton by the Stark County Courthouse.  She began serving ALS Care Project in 2018 because of her passion for the cause of ALS.  Kathaleen obtained a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Akron School of Law.  Since 2014, her private practice as a lawyer has focused on family and criminal defense.  Prior to pursuing law, Kathaleen obtained a BA degree in Psychology from Malone University, became a licensed social worker and worked at the Crisis Intervention Center for 19 years.  Kathaleen is a lifetime resident of Stark County.

Tabitha (Tabby) Green, BSN, RCP, RRT - Respiratory Care Specialist

Adjunct Faculty, Respiratory Care Program, Stark State College, Canton, Ohio 

  • Tabby is both a Registered Nurse and Respiratory Therapist 

  • She has provided respiratory care services at Aultman Hospital in Canton, OH for more than 30 years.

  • Highly experienced in the administration of noninvasive ventilation

JOHN L. PARKER, CPA, MT - Treasurer

John Parker is a CPA and Treasurer of ALS Care Project.  He has faithfully served the organization since 2004 due to his passion for the mission and standards of excellence of ALS Care Project.  In private practice, John provides accounting and tax preparation services for numerous clients in the community.


Carol Stanley is a registered nurse with years of experience in providing excellent care. Carol specializes in long-term care for people with disabilities and has a passion for people with ALS.  Her core values as a nurse include standards of excellence, dedication to the cause, and ethical practice.


Has served for many years as a faithful servant on the “Helps Team” of ALS Care Project.

TIFFANY SLOVAN - Communications and Education Program Planner

Tiffany Slovan had previously served as President of ALSCP for years because of her passion for the ALSCP mission and the impact of ALS on her family,  Two of her cousins on one side of the family, an aunt on the other side, and her loving step-father (unrelated to the others) became afflicted with ALS.  Through a wide span of years, Tiffany assisted with their care, whenever possible.  Because of her husband’s career, Tiffany moved away and is now rooted in Cincinnati.  Despite the distance, Tiffany continues to support the ALS Care Project’s mission in educating nurses and healthcare providers in community settings.

In 2022, Tiffany organized and facilitated a hybrid well-attended CEU program for nurses and RT’s through the Case Management Society of America in Fort Wayne, IN, where Cazzolli educated on best management of ALS in the community.

EYAD NASHAWATI, MD - Medical Advisor

Pulmonary Physicians Inc.
2600 Tuscarawas St. West
Suite 100
Canton, OH 44708
Phone:  (330) 452-8844

JOAN C. WARREN, MSW - Honorary Member

In 2000, social worker, Joan C. Warren, MSW, helped Cazzolli launch and pursue the mission of ALS Care Project through the years until her retirement.  Warren coined the name of the nonprofit, ALS Care Project.  

  • Ms. Warren had faithfully served the ALS community since 1983 when she began as a social worker at the former Visiting Nurse Society of Central Stark County in Canton, Ohio.  After obtaining her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Connecticut, she began at the VNS.  In July, 1983, Ms. Warren became the pioneer facilitator of the ALS Support Group in Canton, a program of the VNS, sponsored by the United Way and Stark County Neuromuscular Association. 

  • After Warren met Cazzolli on March 18, 1984 at the local support group meeting, the two facilitated the group in Canton, bi-monthly on Sundays for the next 24 consecutive years.  The group was very well attended and became nationally known as one of the largest ALS support groups in the country.  

  • Joan Warren assiduously served the community with heartfelt compassion and dedication.  Her ongoing assistance, encouragement and working together as a team with Cazzolli, helped make it possible to pursue the ALS care mission. 

  • In 2008, Joan Warren received the Stark County Minority Health Award. 

  • Joan Warren’s family history is also remarkable.  She was born in Alliance, Ohio and reared with a servant’s heart by her mother and grandparents whose accomplishments were significant in the African American history.  Ms. Warren’s grandfather graduated from Morehouse University in Atlanta, Georgia and served as a railroad engineer.  Her mother majored in English and music from the University of Mount Union and acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Tennessee State University.  Ms. Warren’s daughter previously won the Best Teacher of the Year Award for the State of Minnesota.  Also, Joan Warren’s aunt was the first black nurse hired at the former Mercy Hospital in downtown Canton. 

  • Joan Warren will always be remembered for her profound role in the ALS community of Ohio, as well as her contagious smile, good cheer, laughter, and consistently kind nature. 

REV. JAMES RUFFIN - Honorary Member

Rev. Ruffin is an Honorary Member of ALS Care Project. Through the years, he has provided encouragement and spiritual support to many ALS families. He also served on the Ethics Committee of ALS Care Project for many years.

Rev Ruffin is Joan Warren's brother.

PATRICIA SHAHEEN - Honorary Member

Patricia Leo Shaheen is a Past President of ALS Care Project. She knows first-hand about the multiple problems associated with ALS and the need for best practices of care. Through the years, multiple members of her immediate family were stricken with the familial form of ALS.

Patricia lives in Canton with her husband and son. She graduated from Malone University in Canton, Ohio with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management.  Today she is an aesthetician and specializes in skin care.

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