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Collaborative research and education on best practices of ALS care are a necessity for achieving best patient outcomes. On behalf of the ALS population, ALS Care Project calls for all ALS organizations, clinics, and healthcare providers to work together.

**  Together we can make a world of difference. **


ALS Care Project is a nonprofit, 501©3, tax-exempt organization whose primary mission is to improve the care of people with ALS  through research and education.


To make a significant difference in the lives of people with ALS through education on best practices of ALS care in the community-based setting.


We believe that all ALS patients have the right to accurate, necessary and understandable information on ALS and options for living.  People should know that ALS ultimately results in progressive respiratory muscle weakness and that breathing failure may be prevented or treated, if desired. All people with ALS should be given the choice to live, or if they so choose, to refuse or stop life-sustaining treatment and be given the right to comfort care.

  • achieve best patient outcomes

  • achieve optimal breathing comfort

  • prevent avoidable complications

  • prevent emergency hospitalizations

  • prevent early mortality

  • prevent unwanted life support

  • fulfill patient wishes

  • spare unnecessary costs for care.

Pamela Cazzolli speaking in the respiratory session at the 34th International Symposium on ALS/MND.

Basel, Switzerland | December 6, 2023

ALS Care Project: “Past, Present and Future”
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